Face Mask FAQ

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Where are the face masks MADE, I have seen some of your Amazon reviews saying that your product is not American made?

It might be a little bit confusing for some of our customers to understand the originality of the face mask that we sell in our Amazon store or on our website. Just like Nike having many supply chains across the globe, Mavina dose also have its supply chain spread across the United States, China, Korea etc.

Are these face mask FDA approved?

All our face masks are FDA approved. Besides, our surgical & procedure face masks are 510(k) premarketing cleared.

Are face masks reusable?

Unless, it is indicated on the packaging saying that “Usable”. Otherwise, it is highly recommended that proper disposal after using.

Are face masks certified ASTM Level 3?

Many of our face masks meet the standard of ASTM level 3, and our surgical face masks do have the test reports from accredited labs such as Nelson Laboratories and Eurofins.

What is the difference between KN95 and N95?

KN95 is a Chinese standard and a popular form factor from Asia that's become popular in the United States. While N95 is an American standard for face mask that meets the requirements of personal protective equipment that are used to protect the wearer from particles or from liquid contaminating the face, which is jointly regulated by both CDC & NIOSH.