Covid-19 in Kids

Covid-19 in Kids

Incidence of COVID-19 in kids was increasing in almost all states last week. The rate of new case is accelerating:  many states saw >50% up for the week ending 5/13.

Nationally, average DAILY incidence (ADIR) of COVID-19 in kids is up to 20.7/100,000/day. Current ADIR is >7.5 times higher than the summer 2021 (pre-DeltaVariant) low of 2.7 new cases/100,000/day.

Cumulative incidence = 20.4%

Last week there were >16,000 new cases of COVID-19 in kids reported every day. If 10% (a conservative estimate) of these kids develop PASC /LongCovid, that means more than 1600 new cases EVERY DAY.

Before the Delta hit US kids last year, the daily incidence of COVID-19 in kids reached a low of 2.7/100,000 in June 2021.

Today, even though the Omicron surge is "over," the ADIR is more than TEN TIMES HIGHER in 16 states.

Undercounting of COVID-19 cases detected via rapid antigen tests is pervasive across many states.
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